Clever Daycare 22 Opening June 2017! Preschool, KinderCare, Before & After School Care. Congratulations to our Mentors, Community, and Supporters!

Evening & Weekend Care

Clever Daycare Evening and Weekend Hours Daycare

Clever Daycare Evening and Weekend Hours Daycare

Weekend and Regular Hour Daycare from Clever Daycare To Suit Your Schedule.

At the Clever Daycare Centre we know that your work hours might not be between 9 am – 5pm from Monday to Friday. With this in mind Clever Daycare Centre offers evening and weekend daycare hours that will suit your schedule. We have built a solid relationship with parents and families over the years we have been in business and we want to continue that by helping you when we can.

Our system is built on the belief that we can offer a stimulating, natural curriculum that challenges, enriches and empowers all individuals. This system of education does not always have to happen between Monday to Friday in the hours of 6:15 a.m. – 6 p.m.

We know that children are continuously learning and we don’t want that education to stop.

We are here to provide your child with the greatest learning atmosphere possible while also helping your family by accommodating you. Clever Daycare cares.

Our evening and weekend service is by appointment only. Call ahead to confirm availability.

We offer 10% off for all registered members.

Evening Hours

Monday to Friday
5 p.m – 11.59 p.m.

Weekend Hours

9am to 5pm

Evening & Weekend Daycare

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