Clever Daycare 22 Opening June 2017! Preschool, KinderCare, Before & After School Care. Congratulations to our Mentors, Community, and Supporters!

Regular Hours Daycare

The aim of our daycare system is to create an atmosphere of trust, mutual respect, and courtesy. In Clever Daycare your children will be guided through play activities. We will help them to become effective and independent learners. We provide an environment that is safe yet stimulating, and a play-based curriculum that challenges them through creativity, self-choice, and learning through play.

Evening and Weekend Daycare

The learning and caring does not stop at Clever Daycare. We know there are a number of parents who work a normal schedule these days so we provide an extra service for your children. Our efforts to help them to grow and continue to learn can expand into the evening time and during the weekend.

Family Fun Activities

Involving you, the parent, in your children’s education is very important to us, as are our efforts to help your child to learn in many different surroundings. We organize a number of day trips to different places, where we will join you and your children as they learn from new and exciting surroundings.
Calgary Before and After School Care: How to Make it Work

It’s no secret that childcare in Calgary can cost you a pretty penny. You might have children who are of the age to go to school, but at the same time, they’re not old enough to stay home alone. For those hours right after school, how do you handle the extra budget for Calgary before and after school care?




Calgary After School Care: Tips For Smooth Pick-up

With school pick-ups and drop-offs carefully orchestrated, it can still be helpful to remain punctual, prepared and safe. When dropping your kids off, you have to remain aware of your children, the other children and the other parents. In addition, you have to look out for the other vehicles in the parking lot if it’s a big daycare, and this can sometimes prove to be a minefield lying in wait. Here are some tips to make the drop-off and the pick-up as smooth as you can make it. 


5 Ways A Calgary Daycare Program Teaches Children Resilience

Resilience is an important trait that every parent wants to instill in their child. Although your natural instinct may be to protect them from ever having to deal with disappointment, the truth is that kids need safe places to practice learning how to bounce back from adversity. When you send your child to a Calgary daycare, you can appreciate knowing that they will learn resilience through these five teaching strategies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                (more…)

Family Home Daycare vs. Childcare Centres: Which One Is Right For You?

Choosing the right daycare for your child is important. One big consideration is whether you want to register your child in a family home daycare or a Calgary childcare centre. There are advantages to both approaches. The one that works best for you depends on your situation and preferences. Here’s a look at the two different types of daycares in Calgary. (more…)