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Everything You Need to Know About Alberta Daycare Subsidy

Do you qualify for subsidies or relief programs that can help you with the costs of childcare? Maybe you believe the cost of Calgary daycare remains out of the question, and the average cost for the Canadian family can be as high as $18,000 every year in childcare prices. Most working families welcome financial aid.



Dependent Care Accounts

Some jobs have a dependent care account where you can put up as much as $5,000 in pre-tax care for your child. An Alberta daycare subsidy helps you to pay for your childcare expenses. If you and your spouse both have access to an FSA, the family limit will be set at around $5,000, but you could receive up to $2,000 in tax savings should the contributions combined reach a maximum.

Tax Credits

In many cases, working families will qualify for tax breaks, but some people don’t even realize that they are eligible. As a result, they never file for it with their income tax return.

Employer Subsidies

Along with offering an FSA in the workplace, your company could also provide subsidies that help to pay for the cost of childcare. You should speak with the department of human resources at your company to see what they provide for Calgary childcare. You might look to see what type of benefits they have available.

Student Subsidies

Maybe you or your spouse are students. In some cases, you could ask the school to look at the financial assistance that they offer for daycare cost.

For some of the low-income families, a childcare center might have a sliding scale or a scholarship to help those who can’t afford the average rates. The best thing that you can do is to look around for what will improve your financial situation the best and to proceed from there.

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