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How to Choose a Daycare Facility in Calgary that Your Child Will Love

Whether you choose to take your child to a formal daycare setting, in-home care or family daycare, you have a couple of things to understand. First, having spoken to different mothers and experts on Calgary daycare, there are things they have done to size up a Calgary daycare services center.



Look around at the Staff

Whenever you choose to visit a potential daycare provider, you should pay particular attention to how the staff interacts with the other children at the center. It’s ideal that the caregiver plays on the floor or holds one in her lap. Especially for a daycare infant, babies need close and loving care so that their brain fully develops. You want the vibe of the caregiver to be responsive and warm to your child. Even in group care, however, babies need one-on-one time.

Asking for Commitment

As a baby, they need both predictable and consistent care. This helps them to feel a bond with their caregiver. If you’re looking at childcare in Calgary with in-home care, you should request that the caregiver makes a one-year commitment. On the other hand, if looking at a daycare center, you might find out how long the caregivers have worked there and what the turnover rate looks like.

What Does the Policy Look Like?

With child daycare, you may want to consider a policy check. For example, make sure that the daycare shares your parenting philosophy, or it could clash with you later. Do the caregivers do scoldings or time-outs? What do they do when a child misbehaves?

With a child daycare, the more questions asked early-on, the less likely that you will face unpleasant surprises later. You may also want to consider dropping by unannounced every once in a while to see how things are going with your child. Sometimes, these unconfirmed visits will confirm if it’s the right place for you.

You want evening daycare you can depend on and a place that your child enjoys going to. Clever Daycare can be the place for your child.
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