Clever Daycare 22 Opening June 2017! Preschool, KinderCare, Before & After School Care. Congratulations to our Mentors, Community, and Supporters!


Clever Daycare Daily nutrition

Eating healthy food is very important for children. Healthy food helps children’s bodies to grow and will protect them against disease now and in the future. Clever Daycare always follows Canada’s Food Guide to help children develop healthy eating habit for their life.
We offer breakfast, lunch and snacks. At lunchtime we choose from all 4 food groups. For breakfast and afternoon snacks, we choose from 2 food groups, and we try to include foods from different cultures.
This is a sample menu for a day.

Breakfast: Blueberry Muffin. banana & milk
Lunch: Rice Chicken, corn and peas + Healthy soup every day
Afternoon snack: Cucumber, carrot, dip and water or milk cracker and cheese