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Everything You Need to Know About Alberta Daycare Subsidy

Do you qualify for subsidies or relief programs that can help you with the costs of childcare? Maybe you believe the cost of Calgary daycare remains out of the question, and the average cost for the Canadian family can be as high as $18,000 every year in childcare prices. Most working families welcome financial aid.




5 Things That Make Up a Good Childcare Facility in Calgary

Every good Calgary daycare has warned parents about remaining ever-vigilant when choosing the provider. Recently, we have seen an uptick in the number of providers who have opened their doors for daycare. In fact, within the last year alone, Alberta has seen almost 4,000 newly licensed and approved daycares popping up across the province. With that in mind, how can you find a qualified Calgary childcare center



Calgary After School Care: Tips For Smooth Pick-up

With school pick-ups and drop-offs carefully orchestrated, it can still be helpful to remain punctual, prepared and safe. When dropping your kids off, you have to remain aware of your children, the other children and the other parents. In addition, you have to look out for the other vehicles in the parking lot if it’s a big daycare, and this can sometimes prove to be a minefield lying in wait. Here are some tips to make the drop-off and the pick-up as smooth as you can make it. 


How a Structured Daycare & Evening/Weekend Daycare can Benefit both Parent & Child

child-daycare-calgaryMany parents find themselves in a financial situation where they cannot avoid work in order to run their family and provide a good life for their children. This is when daycare becomes so important for such families. A quality daycare center is not only beneficial for the child, but it also provides parents a peace of mind. Therefore, choosing a quality and structured daycare is very important.


Help Your Child Develop with Educational Programs

daycare-centre-calgaryChildhood experts agree to the fact that children hugely benefit by going to a pre-school with education programs. Attending a high-quality program helps kids to prepare for the school in a better way. Here are some details about how your child can develop well with a preschool education program.