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5 Ways A Calgary Daycare Program Teaches Children Resilience

Resilience is an important trait that every parent wants to instill in their child. Although your natural instinct may be to protect them from ever having to deal with disappointment, the truth is that kids need safe places to practice learning how to bounce back from adversity. When you send your child to a Calgary daycare, you can appreciate knowing that they will learn resilience through these five teaching strategies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                (more…)

Family Home Daycare vs. Childcare Centres: Which One Is Right For You?

Choosing the right daycare for your child is important. One big consideration is whether you want to register your child in a family home daycare or a Calgary childcare centre. There are advantages to both approaches. The one that works best for you depends on your situation and preferences. Here’s a look at the two different types of daycares in Calgary. (more…)

Finding a Reliable and Safe Childcare Program for Your Child

It is extremely important to consider more than just cost when you are looking for weekly childcare in Calgary. As with many things, the price is not always an indication of the quality of the service you will receive. Compile a list of several childcare centres that are within your price range and proximity. The next step is to visit them and ask questions.


A Well-Structured Daycare Weekly Program Can Boost Your Child’s Abilities

daycare-center-calgaryWhile some parents feel that sending their children to a daycare is not a necessity, they ignore the fact that children learn better socialization and behavioral skills in a structured daycare setting. Sharing with others, forming a friendship, playing and eating in groups and participating in problem solving tasks are some of the important skills that a child learns when they go to a daycare center . Often children have a fear of the unknown. When they are exposed to an environment and confront children of the same age, but from different background, they learn better social and interactive skills. These changes in your child’s life will encourage better growth opportunities.